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Sea Freight

Booking Assurance
TSIE oceanfreight department has close relationship with many ocean carriers such as MAERSK,HANJIN,COSCO,APL, CMA ,HAPAGLLOYD and so on. Even in peak season ,we can get abundant space for our clients.

Booking Online
TSIE Ocean freight department has a special arrangement with shipping Lines for paperless cargo booking, space confirmation, tracing and tracking, prepare bill of lading using internet. ;Using INTTRA.COM with more than ten ocean carriers such as CMA, MSC and HAPAG-LLOYD, for some online services

Big Pipelining
TSIE moves quickly with a double-digit annual increase of export containers.

Import & Export Service
TSIE ocean provides services for both LCL and CY-CY operations including document transfer, customs clearance, commodity inspection as well as inland transportation.

Seafreight Service

Worldwide Ior

Our clients have saved over $XXX million on their international hardware costs and streamlined their procurement processes, saving time and reducing headaches. Those companies ranging from small businesses to fortune xxx enterprises trust TSIE to deploy their technology hardware globally.

  • TSIE enables you to ship technology hardware into countries where you don’t have a registered business entity or the necessary import permits, licenses or authorizations.
  • We’ll handle all the paperwork, permits, and requirements on your behalf. Zero-interaction is needed from the end-user
  • Integrating IOR/EOR services with in-house logistics ensures your shipment is completely under control from pickup to delivery
  • Our IATA membership gives us access to the world’s airlines. We fly your hardware directly to the destination.

Worldwide IOR Service

Last mile delivery

We're Providing

  • Next day delivery in Singapore
  • Timeslot delivery;
  • Collect Payment and Exchange items with customers through our value-added services;
  • Dedicated team of customer support to tend to your requests;
  • Track and trace your parcel movement in real-time;
  • Manage track and trace your parcel movement in real-time;
  • COD and get access to capital inventory & Order Management;


Express Customs Clearance

A. Send Pre Alert
B. Shipping Cargo
C. Register / Approval to transfer
D. Move to Custom W/H
E. Processing & Approval release
F. Handover


high security storage

Professional art handling with high-security storage.

  • Art Restoration, Art Preservation, Crating and Loading ,Art Packaging and Inventory Management
  • TSIE exclusive jewellery vault allows customers to store valuables such as jewellery, watches, precious stones and metals in dual-lock safety deposit boxes.
  • Fine wine and liquor collections are cared for under the most ideal temperature, humidity and lightings. Always kept cool at 12 ̊C and 65% humidity.
  • TSIE has several elegantly designed viewing rooms for customers to use. Customers can organize special events and be planned by TSIE.
  • Private Storage Rooms TSIE has a variety of storage room sizes, from 10 square meters to 95 square meters; Customized art storage shelves will be available for different sizes storage rooms.


TSIE Special devision (TSIE SD)is located beside Changi International Airport, with direct access to its terminals. The Swiss-built, 22,500 sqm world class facility is dedicated to the storage of fine art, antiques, jewellery, precious metals, wines etc.

TSIE SD, the largest company in Le Freeport offers integrated services to handle the storage, shipping, display and trade of these valuables. Built next to the airport for easy access by international clients Allowed direct access from Changi Airport Tarmac Guarded by state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and 24-hour armed auxiliary police officers Sophisticated climate control system


Self-Managed Private Room
All inventory are kept in a private room and managed solely by the client.

TSIE SD Managed Storage
Storage space is restricted to TSIE SD employees and all inventory will be managed solely by FASS on behalf of our customers. (Space is chargeable by per cubic meter.)

Jewelry Vault
Dual-lock safety deposit boxes are built for storage of precious stones and metals.

Wine Cellar
Fine wine collections are cared for under the most ideal temperature, humidity and lightings.

Private Storage Rooms
TSIE SD has a variety of storage room sizes, from 10 square meters to 95 square meters; Customized art storage shelves will be available for different sizes storage rooms.

Controlled Temperature & Humidity In the storage zone, cool ambient conditions are maintained at 21 ̊C and 55% humidity, with slight variance for wine storage areas.
Guaranteed Ambient Conditions The principle of N+1 redundancy has been adopted to guarantee around the clock ambient conditions. A backup power unit will function in the event of breakdown or power failure. Air-conditioning system functions solely by aircirculation which exclude the risk of water leakage.

Le Freeport has implemented a system of the latest and most reliable security technologies. Invisible laser sensors that surround the building. Electronic surveillance systems and 24-hour armed guards.Biometric identification technologies, electronic locks, motion detectors, infra-red CCTV cameras and motion activated monitors. Extensive coverage of smoke detectors, heat sensors and water detection systems. In the event of fire, the nitrogen gas fire extinguisher system will inject gas into the fire zone within 60 seconds instead of commonly used water.

high sec

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